Christmas! With The Moultons

by Carter Moulton

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    Merry Christmas from the Moulton family!




released December 10, 2010

recorded, mixed, and mastered by carter moulton
album artwork by carter moulton



all rights reserved
Track Name: Good King Wenceslas
good king wenceslas looked out,
on the feast of stephen.
when the snow lay round about,
deep and crisp and even.
brightly shone the moon that night,
though the frost was cruel.
when a poor man came in sight,
gath'ring winter fuel.

"sire, the night is darker now,
and the wind blows stronger.
fails my heart, i know not how,
i can go no longer."
"mark my footsteps, my good page,
tread thou in them boldly,
thou shalt find the winter's rage,
freeze thy blood less coldly."

in his master's steps he trod,
where the snow lay dinted.
heat was in the very sod,
which the Saint had printed.
therefore, Christian men, be sure,
wealth or rank possessing.
ye, who now will bless the poor,
shall yourselves find blessing!
Track Name: Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
lo, how a rose e’er blooming,
from tender stem hath sprung!
of jesse’s lineage coming,
as men of old have sung.
it came, a floweret bright,
amid the cold of winter,
when half spent was the night.

o, savior, child of mary,
who felt our human woe,
o, savior, king of glory,
who dost our weakness know;
bring us at length, we pray,
to the bright courts of Heaven,
and to the endless day!
Track Name: Oh, The Lord Was Born Today!
oh, the lord was born today!
i felt the cloth; i saw the hay.
oh, the shepherds traveled far,
over sand and under star.

oh, the lord was born in love!
the clearest skies kept watch above.
oh, i want to follow him!
i hear his voice in winter wind.

oh, the lord was born today!
oh, the lord was born today!