by Carter Moulton

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    "I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze."
    --- William Wordsworth

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All songs written and arranged by Carter Moulton

Recorded and mixed by Carter Moulton and Kevin Pritchard

Mastered by chad wahlbrink

illustration by diego naguel

Everything by Carter Moulton except:

Kevin Pritchard: Bass
Rick Hale: Drums
Dave Suchanek: Electric Guitar

Lake Erie:
Kelsie McNair: Harmony
Kevin Pritchard: Bass
Rick Hale: Drums
Alex Applegate: Violin, Viola

Alex Applegate: Violin, Viola
Kevin Pritchard: Upright Bass

Jill, Will You Be My Bride?:
Caleb Groh: Mandolin
Kevin Pritchard: Upright Bass

Kelsie McNair: Harmony
Kevin Pritchard: Harmony

Oh, The Lights He Made:
Caleb Groh: Vocals, Keys
Kevin Pritchard: Bass

Chapel Rock:
Alex Applegate: Violin, Viola

Special Special Thanks to Kevin Pritchard
Special Thanks to Chad Wahlbrink, Rick Hale, Alex Applegate, Elizabeth White, Kelsie McNair, Caleb Groh, Libby Christensen, Derek Felten, Liz McDaniel, Molly Harrison, Angelica Kalasz, Jack Sjogren, Victoria Zegler, Theresa Schalhorn, Dave Suchanek, and my sis!




all rights reserved
Track Name: Petrichor
it's been a hard year for me,
like snow on the evergreens,
but i'm trying to see the warmth in

the sun woke up,
and i saw your face;
how we've grown.
how we've grown.

and the rain fell down,
and i felt ashamed,
of how we go,
how we go.
Track Name: When The Willow Swayed
when the harvest was ripe,
we clapped our hands.

when the willow swayed low,
we watched it dance.

but winter crept in soon;
we felt it.
we tucked our heads inside of our mattresses.

have you seen our scarecrow?
he's been stolen.

underneath the crop,
his arms are frozen.

we lit the trees in hopes to find him;
we think the birds will still be frightened.
Track Name: Lake Erie
out the screen door,
and into the lake of air that makes your forehead ache.

sunlight baked all the window frames,
and concrete blazed the interstates.

i'm sorry,
lake erie,
because you didn't mean anything to me.

fireworks lay in weeded shores,
they're left for dead, but still they're yours.

and the nautics of captains past,
reverberate with every cast.

i'm sorry,
lake erie,
because you didn't mean anything to me.
Track Name: Denethor
all of the years,
weekends in the cold.
all of the games we played.

all of the times times,
we stayed up through the night.
all of the rules we made.


we fell asleep,
to the sounds of war.
we slept in bags on the floor.


denethor, your robe is turning into sand.
open up your heart and tell me where i am.
denethor, your land is being overrun,
allies falling underneath the evening sun.
Track Name: Jill, Will You Be My Bride?
jill, will you be my bride?
i'm a box of jacks inside,
and the lantern that i light,
won't burn out before it's time.

will you be there in the morning?
will you be the one i need?

when the summer comes,
i'll take every fear i have,
and i'll cast them out to sea,
in a bottle that i made.

will you be there in the morning?
will you be the one for me?
Track Name: Lamplight
in the snow,
a tree grows.
in the dark,
a lamp glows.

we have wandered very far from home.
we don't ever have to be alone.

in your soul,
a tree grows.
in my heart,
a lamp glows.

the grass grows greener in your eyes,
and the daffodils are white, inside.

when the moon is full and bright,
hold me close to you in the cold night.
when the moon is dim and dry,
i'll hold you close to me in the night.
Track Name: Oh, The Lights He Made (ft. Caleb Groh)
as the cloud rolled by,
he sat in his chair,
and his son approached,
in the late summer air.

as the ships rolled by,
they looked to the lake,
and the fireflies,
oh, the lights they made.

and the father took
the son by the hand,
and they shared, alone,
the time they had.

close your eyes,
here i am,
see the lights that he made.

he is there,
he is there,
he is here with us now.
Track Name: Chapel Rock
chapel rock, how do you stand?
you stole me from my friends.

leaving footprints in the snow,
i see you standing still.

chapel tree, how do you grow?
you caught me feeling old.

wilted root, why do you reach?
underneath you, i’m incomplete.