Scarves and Sweaters

by Carter Moulton

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Let's all bundle up and go outside together! Merry Christmas!


released December 15, 2011

everything by Carter Moulton except:

"Pine Needles"
Lilah Rose - Harmony
Chad Wahlbrink - Bass

"We Need A Little Christmas"
Shawn Henry Adams - Sassy Guitar Solo, Choir
Caleb Groh - Drums, Choir
Chad Wahlbrink - Bass, Choir
Jeff Pianki - Choir
Lilah Rose - Choir
Dave Suchanek - Choir
Kevin Pritchard - Choir
Liz McDaniel - Choir
Dillon Gorden - Choir
Emily Leong - Choir
Dan Pechacek - Choir
Rick Hale - Choir

"Snow Song"
Caleb Groh - Drums
Chad Wahlbrink - Bass

"Walking In The Air (Theme from 'The Snowman')"
Rick Hale - Drums
Chad Wahlbrink - Bass

"Together On Christmas"
Elizabeth White - Harmony
Chad Wahlbrink - Bass

mixed and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink

artwork: "Deer Taking Shelter in Winter"
Gustave Courbet, 1866

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all rights reserved
Track Name: Pine Needles
radiant is the christmas tree,
the light reflects the memories we've made through the years.

candles, carmine, cranberry,
consider how the seeds we sow have grown.

we are just a tree within a forest;
deer run by and knock our needles down,
into the soil and the snow,
and we cling to the wood for warmth.
Track Name: The Holly and the Ivy
the holly and the ivy,
when they are both full grown,
of all the trees that are in the wood,
the holly bears the crown.

the rising of the sun,
and the running of the dear,
the playing of the merry organ,
sweet singing of the choir.
Track Name: We Need A Little Christmas
haul out the holly,
we're heading home so we can start to celebrate.

fill up the stocking,
we may be rushing things but,
we can hardly wait now!

for we need a little christmas,
right this very minute,
candles in the window,
carols at the spinet,

yes we need a little christmas,
right this very minute,
it hasn't snowed a single flurry,
fozzie we're all in a hurry,

haul out the holly,
put up the brightest string of lights we've ever seen.

slice up the fruit cake,
it's time we hung some tinsel on that evergreen bough.

for we need a little music,
need a little laughter,
need a little singing,
ringing through the rafter,

yes we need a little snappy,
happy ever after,
we need a little christmas now!
Track Name: Snow Song
look to the sky, the wind across your face.
oh, how the pines wept from all the weight!


i trudge along, acorns in the snow.
wood for the fire, the only light i know.

where has my father gone?
there's coldness in the clouds.

we're sleeping in stables now,
the lord cried aloud...

Track Name: Walking In The Air (Theme from "The Snowman")
we're walking in the air;
we're floating in the moonlit sky.
the people far below are sleeping as we fly.

we're holding very tight;
i'm riding in the midnight blue.
i find that i can fly so high above with you.

far across the world,
the villages go by like dreams.
the river and the hills,
the forests and the streams.

children gaze, open mouthed, taken by surprise!
nobody, down below, believes their eyes.

we're surfing in the air;
we're swimming in the frozen sky;
we're drifting over icy mountains floating by.

we're walking in the air;
we're dancing in the midnight sky,
and everyone who sees us greets us as we fly.

suddenly, swooping low,
on an ocean deep:
arousing a monster from his sleep.
Track Name: Together On Christmas
we will be together on christmas;
i need to see you near the fire!

i've heard the songs;
i've seen the candles and lights,
they glow.

even if the snow buries my windshield,
i'm coming home to see you dear.

i feel too far, looking out of this starlit window,
it glows.

i feel too far from where you are!

i'm coming home to you.
Track Name: Caroling (2013 Bonus Track)
would you like to go caroling with me tonight?
we could see the christmas lights in the sky.

and though it's cold,
i wouldn't mind going for a stroll.
when we get back,
we can thaw our toes by the fire's glow.

stars are falling from the sky,
cascading toward the candlelight,
let's say a prayer for happiness.

when we wake up,
we'll roll out of bed and give each other hugs,
and fill up our coffee mugs with hot cocoa!

scarves and socks of wool,
will keep us warm as we grow old,
and we don't ever have to be alone on christmas eve.